2021 Retreats

Bulalayaw Rainbow Bridge Village is proud to present its first season of retreats designed to welcome Filipin@s in the diaspora back to their roots through traditional and cultural activities and kapwa community. Retreats are hosted on communal land outside of Santa Fe, NM. We are reminding people how to live simply, reconnect with their ancestors, and learn self-healing techniques.

Your energy exchange will pay for:

  • Experience in rural, off-grid living

    • Gardening

    • Water use, conservation & filtration

    • Composting

  • Traditional construction skills of an Ifugao native hut

  • Terracing & land work skills

  • Ancestral remembering through expressive arts

    • Storytelling & folklore

    • Folk songs & music

    • Indigenous art expressions

    • Altar building

  • Energetic healing

    • Shamanic journeying

    • Self-healing techniques

    • Qi gong and tai chi

    • Meditation

  • Wholesome & traditional food

  • Kapwa community sharing & growing together

This year's September & October retreats are being offered as 3 or 5 day weekend retreats, or as a full 7 day week. We are located just outside of the town of Santa Fe, and participants should be prepared for off-grid living, including using composting toilets, but all meals will be provided. Participants can choose to bring their own camping gear to pitch on site, or they can rent space in a shared tent with all bedding provided for a small additional cost. You may also choose to find other accommodations in town.

Covid-19: We are embracing a no-fear and holistic approach to the virus. We believe that the body and universal energy posses the ability to treat the virus as a part of mother earth and nature. We are not requiring participants to be vaccinated in order to attend our retreats. We are, however, taking measures to reduce the spread of germs. We will be outdoors for all of the programming, and anyone who is working in the kitchen area with food will be required to wear a mask. We are also requiring a negative Covid test before coming on site, in order to ensure that everyone is virus-free during programming.

We are so excited to offer time and healing on our land this fall! The exchange paid to attend helps to support our elders and their important work and knowledge in our communities around the world, as well as wholesome food, the continual upkeep of the land, and our structures and systems that allow us to share the space with all of you!


To register, please email: rainbowbridgevillage@gmail.com
or connect below.
Space is limited.

More about our retreats


We have much to share with you all, and the longer the retreat that you select, the more content and skills we will be able to provide, as you will have more time with us. That said, we will be covering all of the basics beginning at our 3-day retreats, and you will leave with the tools to continue learning and healing on your own time. We are ready to receive participants at whatever level and experience they have with everything from culture, to living outdoors, to energy healing. 

We have the honor of hosting a traditionally built Ifugao native hut here on the land, and are in the process of completing the structure. The native hut is a dwelling indigenous to the Philippines, and is being constructed with our Filipino indigenous knowledge systems and practices. Participants in the retreats will be taught skills to help complete the hut, as well as to work with the land for gardening, like traditional hillside terracing, water use, food and human waste composting. The connection created through the construction of traditional structures like these re-teaches pre colonial knowledge, skills and interdependence.


Ancestral Remembrance through the Expressive Arts is the inner journey of discovery, heightened awareness, meaning, and liberation. It is to exploration of creative ways to reconnect with your indigenous roots and heritage.  It is an recognize the courage and resilience of your ancestors, and to integrate it to the continuing story of your life journey.  It is to weave your journey with those of others, to create community, and to share ancestral dreaming and healing together. Activities include folk offerings and altars, nature walks, storytelling, folk songs, indigenous art expressions, and folklore.  A final project will be presented that will convey the journey of ancestral remembrance, both on the individual and collective levels.


We will learn energetic techniques to heal ourselves and spread healing to our families and Mother Earth. Shamanic journeying will connect us to our spirit guides and allies, and meditation techniques and daily qi gong will help to activate energy channels and flow in our bodies. Evening fire & kapwa discussions with elders will teach us more about our heritage and work in decolonizing our minds and bodies. Join us to learn and grow together with sisters and brothers from all walks of life to keep our common ancestry alive in the diaspora.