Personal Sessions with Mamerto

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Mamerto Lagitan Tindongan

If a retreat is not for you, you can deepen your practice or receive healing energy specific to your needs from Mamerto "Lagitan" Tindongan by visiting him outside of our retreat schedule. Mamerto carries a long lineage of healing energy and knowledge. He can support people in their healing through shamanic journeying and reiki, and also training in special skills, such as woodcarving, ifugao hut & structural building, atlatl spear throwing, and many other skills. He has over 10 years of experience teaching tai chi and qi gong.

Mamerto Lagitan Tindongan is from the Ifugao tribe in the Cordillera region in northern Philippines. He is an eighth generation Mumbaki, which is what we call our shamans/healers. He was initiated into the Baki Ifugao role by his father in 2011, though he grew up with the tradition since childhood. Baki is Ifugao’s spirituality, which is a way of relating with nature spirits, deities, and ancestors. He was also initiated in the Earth Keeper Q’uero Peruvian tradition, as Laika, in 2005. And Paqo, 4th level Andean Priest, in 2007.

Mamerto lives and travels annually between the Philippines and North America. This 2021 season, Mamerto is available here in Santa Fe, NM from September through October. If you would like to come visit him, please contact us below to find a time that works for you both. Energy exchanges and payments can be arranged depending on the session.

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