Welcome to Bulalayaw

We are creating an intentional space to support the connection of filipin@s in the diaspora and anyone searching for cultural reintegration, ancestral remembrance, art and healing. We are proud to share indigenous knowledge and practices to help reconnect with the earth and live simply.



We are building a place to foster expansion of consciousness,

mind-body-spirit-nature connection and the embodiment of ideals and wisdom traditions for personal empowerment, conscious living and personal and earth healing.


Bulalayaw Rainbow Bridge Village is proud to present its first season of retreats designed to welcome Filipin@s in the diaspora back to their roots through traditional and cultural activities and kapwa community. We are reminding people how to live simply, reconnect with their ancestors, and learn self-healing techniques.

Filipino Tradition

We wish to honor our ancestors by living simply, with the land, and in harmony with our sisters and brothers. We strive to decolonize our minds and utilize traditional knowledge systems and practices in our every day lives. 

To continue following events and content of Mamerto Lagitan Tindongan, please visit our sister site at the Ifugao Center for Living Culture, where we post year-round updates.

"In building the Ifugao hut, I feel that I am restoring wholeness within my bodies and my personal life. I am re-inventing and sharing this knowledge in the hope that those who support this venture or share the space with me may find wholeness within themselves as well. May the hut symbolize a bridge connecting us to our past, our future, and bridging every heart and culture. May we share in the peace that springs from the oneness of spirit that our common ancestors bequeath unto us."

Mamerto Lagitan Tindongan, 8th generation Mumbaki
from Ifugao, Philippines


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